The F# web framework designed for clarity and speed

Getting Started Guide

Simple & Functional

open Wiz.Server
open Wiz.Context
open Wiz.Route

let myHandler ctx =
  ctx |> sendText "Abra Kadabra Kalamazoo!"

let myRoutes = [
  get "/" myHandler

|> setRoutes myRoutes
|> run

By Design

Wiz is the result of attentively designing what an F# HTTP server API should look like, and then building that API. This comes with no sacrifices or baggage—it's the fastest ASP.NET based web framework in F#.

Wiz's goal is to make it SO easy to interface with ASP.NET that its the most developer-friendly HTTP framework in all of .NET. To earn that title, Wiz needs to be well documented, intuitive, easily configurable, and fast as hell.


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